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Professional HVAC Trainers for ACCA, Trane Technologies and the U.S. Army

RightTek excels in providing real-life Residential HVAC Training from entry-level classes to advanced specialized training for senior technicians.  As a U.S. Army approved Career Skills Program (CSP) provider, RightTek re-tools soldiers leaving active duty for a rewarding career in the Residential HVAC Industry at our training schools located at Fort Liberty, NC & Fort Cavazos, TX.   (Trade Warriors Program in partnership with Trane Technologies)

Training Courses & Calendar

To see a listing of our upcoming ACCA and Trane Technologies Training Opportunities, click the link below to view our course list and available dates for 2023:

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Professional Leadership

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Our Story

Two friends in the Heating & Cooling business met for dinner one night and talked about the need to provide quality HVAC Training to the next generation of service technicians.  One friend (Anthony) owned a successful Heating & Cooling business with an universal hvac license (which means he can work on everything) and the other friend (Bill) was a mechanical engineer who was teaching hvac courses at a local community college.  You could say that between them, these two guys know a lot about Residential HVAC Stuff.  So on that night, the seed was planted to start a Training Academy that would provide top-notch HVAC Training to those who really wanted to excel in the trade.  Fast forward through a considerable amount of planning and RightTek HVAC Training was formed to serve our industry.

Serving Our Clients

We proudly serve small to large HVAC companies with the best possible training found anywhere.  With training locations throughout the country, we bring our training expertise to a location near you.  Our talented staff consists of instructors who are either State Licensed Engineers or State Licensed  HVAC Contractors.

Interested in joining our growing team at Fort Cavazos, Texas?  Check out our Job Description (click on the Tab at the top of this page). Send your resume to Bill ( for the best job in the Heating & Cooling Industry!


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