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Took this course at the end of my military career, needing a change. The course is ideal for anyone wanting to get into the trades for HVAC. The experience was awesome, and I trained with a great group of guys. The instructors have roughly 50+ years of experience in HVAC between them, and there was never a question asked they couldn't answer. They made sure we passed all our tests and earned all our certificates to work, and they even set you up with a company that wants to hire you for your new skill sets. If you want a stupid-simple introductory trade course into HVAC and its many facets, consider this training as your first option!       

                                          -Zane S.

The instructors are the best!  The combined knowledge of these two is at the top of the HVAC world.  Their training is top notch and comprehensive.  Any training budget spent with RightTek HVAC Training is money well spent and a great investment into your people, yourself or your company.

-Matt M.

The best course I’ve ever attended! All the instructors mesh together so good for the teaching and hands on aspect for this HVAC course! Definitely the best HVAC course out there, the experience from the trade they bring is incredible! They were some of the best instructors and so down to earth and would help their students with anything!      

                                           -Joey Y.

Excellent training! Very informative, hands on, extremely knowledgeable instructors giving very personable education. This company genuinely cares about what you learn and take from the course, rather than just teaching for a block of time, leaving you stranded and confused. Could not recommend RightTek enough!

                                    -Peter K.

I was in the very first class of boot camp.  I have had great success from this training at RightTek.  I am now a service tech manager at a company and my pay has increased dramatically.  If you want great training the right way, then choose RightTek.

-Michael M.

I am so glad I participated in the Trade Warrior program! I have learned a plethora of knowledge pertaining to HVAC. All of the instructors were professional and cared about us as a whole and made sure we succeeded. Lastly, I want to personally thank all the instructors and team for everything you did for me, I am confident that I will be successful in this trade because of you!     

                                          -Gerard B.

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