Ac troubleshooting course

AC Troubleshooting (1-Day)

  • Air-Conditioning fundamentals and how they relate to “Trouble-shooting” methodology.
  • Most common "Trouble-shooting" procedures based on actual live training units built solely for this class.

Course Description:

  • Course covers the fundamentals of air conditioning system operations and diagnostics
  • Emphasis is placed on safety, modes of operation, the refrigeration cycle and components, superheat & subcooling, proper airflow, refrigerant system diagnostics, electrical component testing & diagnostics and system performance.
  • Mechanical and Electrical faults will be introduced to provide a wide range of training scenarios
  • Students should be able to perform basic air conditioning troubleshooting procedures upon class completion.
  • Hands-on class, using our fully functional, live custom troubleshooting training units.

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